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Socks, Scarves, Shawls or Sweaters?

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, July 30th, 2010 in Contest, Finished Projects

winterback071210In Wednesday’s blog, I talked about how I have come to enjoy knitting shawlettes – those gorgeous little, unintimidating creations that use 350-450 yards of fingering weight yarn. I wonder how many people are now lace knitters, just because someone came up with smaller-sized patterns like this that pulled you in? Fun to do, relatively quick to finish, and great for gifts. Did you see the two shawlettes that Wendy designed, using our Loopy Ewe Solid Series? I just love them. (Wendy has so many pattern ideas in her brain that she makes this designing stuff look easy, and I know it’s so not!) It was fun to see her come up with Winter Morn (using the Silver Sage color) and Woodland Walk Shoulder Shawl (using the Hydrangea color). Now she says she has a WoodlandBack070610colorwork sock pattern doodling around in her head for our color line (because she thinks our Solid Series is “wonderful” and she “loves the huge range of colors”. Yay!) I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the next pattern worked out, when it comes up in her queue.

Speaking of our Solid Series, are you participating in our Third Quarter Challenge? The goal is to knit something out of our new line, and I know a lot of you are working on it. We do have gift certificates to award for last quarter’s Challenge, now that the votes are in. The Reader’s Choice Award goes to Carol in MO for her Julia tank, made from Schaefer Audrey. We also drew two names for the randomly drawn winners, since we put the regular sweater challenge and the summer sweater challenge together. Those awards go to Patricia in OH for her Spidery Tank out of Universal’s Cotton Supreme, and Patricia in MT for her Cassidy out of Dream in Color Classy. All three winners get a $30 gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe. Thanks to everyone who participated with us. Everything turned out beautifully! On Monday, I’ll announce the winners of last week’s blog contest.

It was fun to read about the types of stash you have, on Wednesday’s blog. I liked Linda’s comment that when you stash yarn for a sweater, it counts as one “unit” in the stash, not 5 or 6 skeins. Of course. That makes so much sense. And I also liked Kathy’s comment that any yarn that has a plan attached to it (“this is going to be a February Sweater”) is not counted as stash. Stash is just the yarn without a commitment. ┬áThis brings my stash into the completely reasonable amount category. In fact, I might need to add to it a bit….

Now I’m interested to know – what do you most enjoy knitting? Socks? Scarves? Shawls? Sweaters? (Or something that is not an “S” word?) Do tell.

Sheri wonderinghowintheheckitgottobetheendofJulyalready??

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