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Yarn Bits ‘n Bobs … and a CONTEST!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 in Contest

Every knitter I know has yarn bits n’ bobs. You know, little leftover balls from the numerous projects you have knit up over the years. I have gone into my B & B containers a few different times, looking for the leftovers of some yarn that I need for darning or mending purposes. I’m always glad to find it. I figured a long time ago that these colorful balls should be out on display. I like keeping them in glass containers. (I think this came from Home Goods, a couple of years ago.)


Big bowls – wooden, ceramic, metal – are another good storage idea, and it’s easy to have one or more of these sitting out on display. (Although then you have to dust them. Another reason to like glass containers with lids.)


I think many people have all of their B & B’s stuffed into bags and plastic containers as well.

And others of you don’t let them sit around at all because you’re using them up in your Sock Blankies, or you have bought this great pattern of Wendy’s and you’ve turned them into other useful things.

Here’s the contest question of the month (and we’ll randomly draw winners next week for Loopy Ewe Gift Certificates): What do you do with your leftover yarn bits? Leave your answer in the comments and we’ll let you know who won, next week!

Thinking about holiday gifts already? I’ll have some knitting ideas for you next week. But for the people in your life that don’t get the knitting (or when you want to give a “just because” gift in September, for instance), how about these amazing cookies in a cute bag? You can even download the gift tags from the post. This is my new favorite blog and it just so happens to be written by one of my very favorite friends, Monica. In some of her recent posts, I also learned that Hydrogen Peroxide is the perfect cleaner (tried it on my bathroooms over the weekend), learned that there was a much easier way to make iced tea (and the flavors – oh, my!), decided that I needed to make up a big batch of pesto, and … well, you can check it out yourself to see what you learn. :-) It’s really a “yummy” website with great recipes and ideas.

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