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Minions and Contest Winners!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, September 24th, 2010 in Contest, Yarn Storage

DSC00523It has been a lot of fun reading your Bits and Bobs comments from last week’s contest. I got some new ideas, and I hope you did, too. Ruth shared that she makes Minions out of them, which sent me scurrying to Ravelry to see what a Minion pattern is. How cute are these? (And big ones, too!) I definitely need to make some of those, just for fun. Ania shared the pattern she’s using to make a cute toy for her daughter’s birthday. I like that pattern, too. Maybe I need to knit a few toys.¬†And Diane and Michelle both mentioned that they have a jar of caked skeins, and I do, too. I love the look (and the jar is huge – those are full skeins of cakes) but now that they’re in there, I don’t know if I’ll ever really pull them out and knit them up. I forget they’re there (in the Loopy lobby) and … of course there’s always something new to knit anyway. Maybe what I ought to do is empty that container, keep the cakes with my regular stash, and start filling the container with more Bits and Bobs. I need a new container for them.

Several of you mentioned putting short pieces of the yarn outside on tree branches in the spring, for birds building nests. I keep meaning to do that each spring. Next spring for sure. A couple of you asked what I do with my yarn labels. I throw them away. Although I have thought about making something like this out of them, some day. Tracy asked if I ever use the bits and bobs up, or rotate them. I really don’t. They just sit there looking pretty until I need them for darning.

I also loved Teri’s idea of keeping a small jar of them on your desk at work. She said it helps her “get through the day.” ¬†And how about spinning them into new yarn? That’s what Cassie does, and here’s a photo. Fun idea.

Thanks to everyone for sharing ideas and participating. We used the Number Randomizer to pick two winners from the comments section. We’ve sent Loopy Ewe Gift Certificates to Jody in IL and Brianna in MA. Congratulations to both of you!

Is it annoying that I bold different sentences in each paragraph, or helpful? Because I think mixed up bolding might be sorta kinda possibly¬†irritating after awhile. Or hey – how about bolding, not bolding and italics on occasion? So many possibilities for annoyance. Not that I want to do that to you. I’m ending the post now. Have a great weekend.

Sheri whoapparentlyneedstogetoutofthewoolfumestoday

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