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Friday, October 8th, 2010 in Sheri's Recipes, Shop News

halloween-inflatable-catHere’s what I wonder. If you were a little kid and your bedroom was right next to this big inflatable black cat, and you could hear the “hsssssss” of the fan that keeps it inflated – would you develop a fear of cats? (What if it was a giant ghost? Or a creepy snowman? Or – hey – an oversized giant clown?) I wonder what little kids think. This is in the yard of the first house in our neighborhood. I also wonder what they think the next time they see it and it’s just a big black puddle of nylon on the ground, because the fan isn’t on. How would you like to explain that? Poor kids.

boxes-galoreI also wonder when I’m going to stop ordering yarn. I worked late last night to get more put away and get these boxes organized in the kitchen (November Sock Club and Sock Club Lite stuff). Then this morning, UPS backed up to our building (as they do most every day) and delivered 14 more boxes. Now the front is all gumped up with boxes again. Today’s delivery is from Dream in Color – part of our order of their brand new 8-ply sock yarn called Everlasting. The colors are amazing. I sent a more-boxesskein out to one of our Loopy Sample Knitters a couple of weeks ago, even before I could tell her what yarn it was. It was still a secret. She’s knitting up a beautiful shawl, which I’ll share with you soon. We’ll get the rest of our order in next week and we will have it photo-ed and up for you on Monday, the 18th. 50 different colors. 48 regular colors and two “oops” colors that they thought you would like. And I think you will. :-)

Lastly, I wonder if I there could possibly be a simpler recipe than the one I’m sharing with you today. 3 ingredients. No measuring needed. Tastes great.

salsa-chicken-recipeSalsa Chicken

4-6 whole chicken breasts
1 jar of your favorite salsa (16 oz. or so)
1 jar of apricot jelly (8 oz. or so)

Add everything to your crockpot and let it simmer the day away. The chicken will come out moist and the sauce will have a wonderful sweet/spicy flavor. Recipes like this definitely leave more time for knitting.

Monday is a holiday here in the States, so we’ll be out of the office. We will have an Update for you on Monday night, because I know that many of you count on that. We’ll get busy first thing Tuesday morning, getting your orders packed up and shipped out. (Another thing I wonder – what would I do without all of my awesome Loopy Elves?)

Are you wondering about anything today? Or is it just me?

Sheri  gladthattheweekendhasarrived.Haveagoodone!

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