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What’s On Your Desktop?

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, November 5th, 2010 in Shop News

Remember last week’s blog contest, where I asked what distracts you from work? (Or knitting?) Many of us are distracted by the same things, and many of those things have to do with the computer. I think that I need to put the computer off limits in the evenings, with just a quick final check of emails before I go to bed. I get a lot of knitting done when I actually sit down and do it, but the trouble is that in the evenings, I’m frequently clicking around online, checking out blogs, yarn, and patterns. (Lest you think I won’t be able to stay on top of important things if I give up this trolling time, rest assured that I also do this during the day at work, since it’s part of my job!) I can only imagine how much more knitting I would get done. And right now, just before the holidays? It’s time to ramp it up and get moving on the gift knitting. Otherwise, no one is going to be getting any handknits from me this year.

One way I’m going to keep myself on track with my knitting focus, is to have that top photo as my desktop background for awhile. It’s a picture of Claudia’s Wollmeise shop in Germany. Knitting Daughter and I spent a lot of time here when we visited her, and this particular picture was taken the day we got to hang out for the whole time it was open, just knitting, chatting and drinking coffee on the orange couches. It was the best day! It’s a good reminder of why I love to knit, and I think it will be fun to have on my desktop for the next month. (Last month, I had this second photo as my wallpaper – a shot of the Cascade 220 wall here at Loopy. Equally knit-worthy and inspiring!)

So, what’s on your desktop, being used as the wallpaper? Does it make you smile? (Note – I used to keep my favorite photo of Web Guy and Knitting Daughter as my wallpaper, but it made me miss them even more. Every time I booted up the computer in the morning and saw their smiling faces looking out at me, I had a sad moment. Not that I don’t have eleventy billion other photos of them around my desk anyways. But somehow seeing them on my computer was an extra sad jolt in the morning ….)

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