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Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 in Around the House

You’re thinking I’m going to talk about knitted cloches, right? But I’m not. I’m going to talk about glass cloches and a topic that has nothing to do with knitting. I visited my friend Meda last weekend. She’s the person that got me into cloche-ing. (She also accuses me of making the word “cloche”, which is a noun, into a verb – cloche-ing. As in, “Look – that’s a fun little fall decoration. Very cloche-able.”) Cloches were originally designed in the 1800′s as a way to protect new, tender plants. Putting a cloche over a plant turned it into a mini greenhouse and protected it from predators, while ensuring an environment rich in carbon dioxide and heated by the sun. Nowadays, people use them to create small displays or vignettes, to showcase different treasures, or to highlight something fun.

In October, I did a fall theme with the little cloche in the first photo, above. I popped in an owl, a couple of pumpkins, some candy corn, and a squirrel. It’s amazing how many little decorations I already have, that fit perfectly into a scene like this. I’m already looking forward to doing one up for Christmas, then Valentine’s Day, and beyond. (Birthdays would be fun – you could add a few photos of the birthday person, along with a few little things that remind you of them.) My friend Meda has several around her house, each containing a different type of something. Here is her fall themed cloche (love the little pumpkins in the teacup, and I also love the antique tea strainer alongside.) She had a baby shower recently and put antique baby items under a cloche and used it as a centerpiece.

Here’s one of her other displays, which shows old treasures from her grandmothers (compacts, purses, perfume bottles, etc,). She and I both like antiques, so we have had fun finding little bitty things that would be fun to cloche around. I also think it would be fun to display my favorite skein of yarn (all caked up), some older knitting needles, and a little knitted toy in one. Maybe I need to get one to use at Loopy. Cloche-ing takes ordinary things and turns them into a display. (You can find inexpensive cloches at places like Home Goods, Marshalls, Target, etc. You can also use glass cake domes, little glass cheese domes, etc. Some come with a stand or pedestal, but it’s also easy to put it on a tray.)

So – do you have any other cloche-able ideas? What would you put under glass?

Sheri whomightnothaveusedtheseglasscloches
whenbothkidswereyoung :-)

(Note – tomorrow is a no-mail holiday here in the States, so we will be closed. We’ll be back packing orders and welcoming in-store shoppers on Friday!)

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