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Random Acts of Kindness Month

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Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 in Random Acts of Kindness

I can hardly believe that it’s December 1st already. The bad part about that is that I am way behind on gift buying. The good part of that is that it starts my favorite month here on the blog, because once again we’re encouraging and celebrating Random Acts of Kindness here at The Loopy Ewe.

This is the fourth year that we are encouraging everyone to find special things to do for other people during the month of December. They can be cost-free or expensive, big or little, and anonymous or not. Need some ideas? If you click on the “Random Acts of Kindness” category over there on the right side of my blog, you can read the comments from any of those posts for some wonderful ideas. Or come up with some new ones!

I say this every year  - it’s inspiring to others when they can read about what you have done. I know you don’t do these kind things so that you can brag about them. The pleasure comes from doing something for someone and not getting anything back in return. You don’t have to tell anyone else what you’ve done, but please do leave a comment on the blog each Friday in December, letting us know what you did that week. I get so many emails each December from people who want to share how someone else’s comment or idea has affected them and blossomed into something even bigger in their life. You have no idea how many people your kindness will continue to touch, as others read about your idea and adapt it in another way. Consider commenting as another way to multiply what you have done.

We’ll also be drawing random names to win prizes from the Friday comments, this month. (See? Another reason to do a random act and comment!) For every 50 comments, we’ll draw a person to win two skeins of The Loopy Ewe Solid Series yarn (in the color of their choice), a pattern (of their choice), and a tub of Soak’s Heel Creme in our Loopy Peppermint Scent, just because it’s my favorite. We’ll announce the winners each Monday.

So – are you ready? Fire up and do something nice for someone, then report back in this Friday for the first contest. There are FIVE Fridays in December, and we’ll be looking forward to your comments each Friday. I’m off to enjoy my first random act of the season. I’ve challenged myself to do one a day, instead of just one a week. How many will you try for this month? Even ONE will be a blessing to someone!

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