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Snow, Cookies, and Contest Winners!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, January 21st, 2011 in Contest

Yesterday we woke up to about 8″ of snow on the ground. Beautiful! This has been one of the snowiest St. Louis winters that I can remember. I hope we’re not done with it yet. This is the tree outside our window, where all of the birds congregate in the mornings. It might have something to do with the two bird feeders right there.

Today, my Hadley Pottery rep Elaine popped in to deliver something we had ordered, and brought these cute Loopy Sheep cookies along with her. Not only are they cute, but they taste delicious. I wish I could send you one to have along with your afternoon tea.

And then the UPS truck arrived, and we have forgotten all about snow and cookies, and we’re digging through 16 cases of yarn, having a ball. Can’t wait to share the contents with you in the next couple of Updates.

I really enjoyed reading all of your comments about your Knitting Central Zone (or lack thereof) in this month’s Blog Contest. I have some thoughts about it, but I will save those for another post. In the meantime, I wanted to congratulate Lisha from MA, Jean from PA, and Allison from CA. The Random Number Generator chose their comments as the winners, and they’ve each received a $35 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate. I know they’ll find something fun to spend it on!

Any knitting/crocheting/spinning going on in your house this weekend? Or are you out playing in snow somewhere? This is where I’ll be hanging out, working on that new blue project there.

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