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Snow and Knitting

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 in Finished Projects, Shop News, WH's Photos

Well, we ended up with more sleety ice than snow, in the end. We did get snow on top of the ice and it’s beautiful, but nowhere near the 7-12 inches they were predicting. It was messy and slippery out there yesterday, so we all stayed home and off the roads, as instructed. I think the ice pelted the windows until mid-afternoon, at least. I was inside, knitting and drinking coffee. (And although I was tempted to strike out for Starbucks – a simple 3 blocks away – I decided that would be foolish and made my own coffee. Maybe if it hadn’t been sleeting so hard ….)

Here is the February Dream in Color Dream Club pattern, Pleiades, by Beth Kling. I got the pattern about a week ago and loved it so much that I started in on it right away. (Note – this is not the February color! I made this out of ┬áDeep Sea Flower, because I wanted a blue scarf/shawl for someone. I’m saving the red to make another one for me.) We have sold out of the extra skeins as of now, but remember, we will continue to put additional skeins up as the pre-order people make decisions about whether or not they want to buy their reserved skein. The last batch will go up next week on Wednesday, the 9th. And as soon as Dream in Color gives the go-ahead, we’ll offer the pattern separately. We’ll keep you posted on that. (I’ll repost one of these photos when the pattern is available, just to remind you of what it looks like and to let you know it’s ready.)

This was a great pattern. You knit the leaf-y border vertically, and then pick up stitches along one long side to continue knitting the garter part and then the ruffle, horizontally. I ran out of yarn on the ruffle, and so I had to make it 5 rows shorter than called for. Just an FYI if you’re making this – watch your yardage on the ruffle and end it when you need to end it.

On the February color – the Dream in Color gals mentioned to me awhile back that this was going to be a pink color, and I felt like we’d already had enough pastel-y colors in the Dream Club, so far. They’d heard that from others, too, so they were offering to over-dye it in reds if someone preferred that, and we preferred that! I love how these skeins turned out – absolutely gorgeous. But that’s why you might see some pinks and some reds, being offered out there in different yarn shops. Depending on your monitor, the skeins might even be a little redder than what is showing up on your screen.

For those of you who missed out on some of the Kollage Riveting colors and patterns, we have more on order and hope to have them up in the 2/14 Update. I finished my Saturday cowl – will share that when we get more patterns and yarn in. I really like this yarn.

Sheri brrrrrr.reallyreallyreallycoldhereinSt.Louis.Howaboutforyou?

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