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Snow Birds and Loopy Groupies

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, February 4th, 2011 in Shop News, WH's Photos

Since we were covered in ice this week, the birds were particularly interested in hanging out around our birdfeeders that day. Paul (WH) had fun trying out a great lens (macro lens, maybe?) on some of them. If you really like birds, you can click on the photos to make them even bigger.

The female Cardinal is named Ethel. She and her husband Fred have been hanging around our birdfeeders year-round for the past six years. They’re my favorites, and they’re the only birds that we (ok, I) have named.

Somehow this Robin seems out of place. I see more Robins in the spring and summer.

Our cats Gracie and Zoe love sitting on the window ledge, watching them. Or maybe they’re dreaming about catching them.

Today we’re welcoming a new batch of Loopy Groupies!  I can’t believe how long it has been since I listed them. So long, in fact, that I’m doing half of them today and saving the other half for next week. And then I’m going to go to (where I keep my brain and my schedule) and put this task into my calendar so that I remember to blog them more frequently. I know you all like to see the names, because if I forget someone, you always email to let me know! So a warm welcome to our latest Loopy Groupies. We’re so glad to have you here!

Wendy in WA, Heather in MI, Susan in MI, Mary in OH, Michele in Canada, Noriko in Japan, Susan in NC, Fabienne in CA, Kim in IA, Donna in OK, Kerryn in Australia, Bethann in MO, Theresa in MO, Chanina in Israel, Andrea in MA, Karen in OR, Mai in WA, Sue in AK, Rena in MA, Melissa in MN, Melanie in NJ, Pamela in NM, Cindy in NV, Susan in IL, Barclay in NJ, Gaetane in Canada, Melissa in KY, Barbara in Australia, Barbara in KS, Dean in LA, Mette in MO, Erin in GA, Nancy in OR, Debra in OH, Necia in AR, Debora in GA, Jillian in NJ, Michelle in WA, Carrie in IA, Sandy in WI, Lisa in MA, Sue in CA, Mary in VA, Mel in FL, J.F. in MI, Susan in TX, Ruth in CO, Janine in the U.K., Christine in MI, Danielle in NY, Paula in KY, Debora in CA, Susan in CA, Kathy in AK, Karen in VA, Penny in NE, Karol in MO, Samantha in NC, Holly in NH, Christine in MA, Kelly in Canada, Dori in TN, Jennifer in NJ, Sara in CA, Calista in OK, Marietta in GA, Glennalee in IN, Rebecca in OH, Carol in NJ, Kay in WI, Terri in TX, Arlene in NY, Hinkmond in CA, Louise in CA, Diane in CA, Kimberly in SC, Laura in IL, Pamela in NY, Patricia in NJ, Fahy in MA, Jill in IA, Rosemary in MO, Michelle in OR, Judith in TN, Heather in GA, Marilyn in Canada, Judith in VA, Jill in MD, Dana in TN, Anna in Poland, Mya in CO, Jenifer in TX, Susan in IL, Celeste in Australia, Jessica in SD, Preita in CA, Virginia in NV, Nancy in OH, Glenda in WA, Debra in PA, Iris in OH, Clara in ME, Bettye in TX, Eilene in MD, Kathie in CA, Karen in VA, Vivian in Canada, Laura in HI, Ann in KS, Melissa in AR, Jennifer in SC, Meghan in NC, Melanie in IN, Kurt in CA, Rosemary in Australia, Cynthia in OR, Anne in the U.K., Caroline in TN, Melissa in SC, Amy in OH, Daniela in TN, Suzanne in OR, Teri in IL, Kym in TX, John in SC, Jane in KS, Alpha in NY, Teresa in WV, Sarah in NC, Laura in SC, Nina in CA, Cindy in PA, Maxine in Canada, Toni in WA, Chantel in IN, Joan in OH, Christina in CA, Hiromi in Japan, Nancy in MA, Shelly in WA, Katie in TX, Joann in CA, Lani in CA, Helen in Norway, Amy in KY, Jennifer in MD, Hollie in the military, Lorraine in VA, Candy in WI, Stephanie in D.C., Marcela in MI, Jeanett in TX, Mandy in MO, Janet in TX, Wendy in CO, Melissa in Canada, Kristina in NC, Mary in OR, Miranda in WI, Eevi in OR, Rachael in IL, Susan in NY, Heather in MO, Mary in CA, Sandy in MT, Nancy in VA, Bettie in MO, Valerie in NM, Debbie in KY, Mollilou in AR, Adrienne in IL, Shannon in CA, Jill in CT, Candace in NC, Kelley in CA, Jill in ME, Christine in WA, Candice in CA, Jennifer in Canada, Erica in Canada, Carol in VA, Courtney in WA, Kat in AK, Rosemary in CA, Kimberly in PA, Hope in NY, Elise in MA, Jan in CA, Tara in MN, Patricia in MA, Rosemary in Australia, Marcella in MD, Christine in MD, Suzanne in CT, Amy in CA, Michelle in Canada, Leslie in WI, Barbara in MI, Alice in FL, Anastasia in NH, Marianne in TN, Terri in OR, Davilyn in OH, Ann in NY, Therese in CT, Omar in Australia, Michelle in CA, Theresa in CA, Catherine in Norway, Robin in NJ, Megan in MO, Silvia in CA, Carol in OH, Ashley in NJ, Tara in GA, Erin in VA, Meg in FL, Elizabeth in VA, Beverly in MN, Sheri in KY, Adrienne in OR, Amy in OR, Teresa in CA, Kay in OK, Meagheen in NY, Rasa in OH, Gaye in CO, Jenna in TX, Emily in VA, Laura in Canada, Mary in IL, Dawn in ND, Jennifer in TX, Gwynne in NJ, Patty in CA, Julie in NY, Lynae in IL, Amanda in FL, Alexis in MA, Angela in FL, Claudia in Germany, Debra in IN, Janet in MI, Tamara in MO, Yuka in Japan, Sandra in NY, Jennifer in CA, Sara in NV, Tanya in ND, Martha in KY, Jennifer in KS, Gail in WI, Jamie in KS, Martina in Canada, Erin in Australia, and Rica in Norway.

That’s the first half. More next Friday. In the meantime, have a great weekend and get lots of knitting done. I picked out a sweater pattern and an Ultra Pima color and will start in on that. It would be nice if I’d stick with one project and get it done in a reasonable amount of time. Too much to hope for?  What are you doing this weekend – anything fun?

Sheri warminguptoawhopping35degreesthisweekend.Heatwave!

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