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Three Irish Girls Adorn

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 in Finished Projects, Finished Socks

I’ve always loved Sharon’s sense of color. She was one of the Yarn Love dyers and came up with some of your very favorite colorways (which we have carried since our first Loopy year) and she continues surprising us with beautiful color mixes through her Three Irish Girls company. This is Kirsty, done up in the March Mosaic sock pattern. (Pattern by Wendy Johnson and shared with our sock club last year.) As I mentioned in last week’s post, slipped-stitch patterns are great for mixing up multi-colorways and making the colors play nicely together. Of course I know there are many knitters out there who like pooling and letting the color just do what it’s going to do, but for those of you who don’t, watch for these types of patterns to add to your library.  One thing to note if you’re making socks with a slipped stitch pattern, you might want to go up a needle size. We have more fun things planned with Sharon and Three Irish Girls. We’ll keep you posted!

For those of you with cats and an iPhone or iPad, you might check out the Cat Toy app. Here, Gracie (right) and Zoe (left) are watching the butterfly fly around the screen. It comes with a Butterfly, Spider, Laser Dot, and Mouse. Generally, Zoe is too smart to be fooled by this toy (although she is more entertained by the butterfly), but Gracie wants the mouse on every evening, so she can try (once and for all) to finally catch that dumb mouse, as it runs across the screen. Gracie isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack, but she makes us laugh and she’s a sweetheart. She dives at the screen and talks to it. I’m hoping she doesn’t put a paw through it one day…  Does anyone else have a cat or dog that has more sweetness than brains?

Sheri goodbye70′s,hello30′s.

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