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SpillyJane Kits, Webcam News, and More!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, March 7th, 2011 in Shop News

We kind of bored ourselves with the previous Loopy Webcam view. It featured the prettiest backdrop (well, unless you count shelves full of yarn – that makes a pretty backdrop, too), but there is not all that much action going on in that spot. While Web Guy was home last week, we had him move the camera to a better spot. What do you think? This way, you can keep track of boxes coming in and boxes going out and the Loopy Elves themselves. (And let me tell you, the Elves are so terribly excited about being on-camera more often. Terribly excited.)

Our packing station is U-shaped, so we kept one side of the U out of camera range. We had to have one space for packing up Club Loopy and dealing with other things that we’re not ready for you to see yet. :-) Poor Elf Mary – she packed on camera all day today and chatted with Elf Anna, who was packing on the other side but completely out of view. Mary told Anna that tomorrow she’d have to be on the camera side. I’m not sure Anna agreed. At any rate, if your order happens to get packed on the camera-side, you might catch it!

Of course this is still just a little corner of Loopy. To get the full picture, pop over to our Loopy Central Photo Gallery.

Do you want to know what’s behind the big needle wall on the webcam? Check out the photos with these titles:

“More Shelves”, “Pegs”, and “Shelves and Shelves.”

Do you want to see the area behind the blue wall on the webcam? Check out the photos with these titles:

“Lace Lane”, “Sit & Knit”, “Sock Blockers”, “Wall of Cascade”, and “Worsted Way”.

Better yet, just come shop in person, and then you can wave on the webcam. It’s always fun to be here in person, if you’re in the neighborhood.

We put lots of new things up in our Monday Update. You’ll find:

Stricken Smitten’s Sinful Sock
Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport
in the new colors
Merino 370
Dragonfly Djinni
(shown here in the purple “December Baby”)
Studio June’s Simply Cashmere
(shown here in “Silvery Gray”)
Alpaca With a Twist’s
Baby Twist
Sajou Scissors
with the new wooden handles
Baggu Bags
SpillyJane Kits
Pattern re-stocks
(DangerCrafts, Knit & Tonic, and Grace Akhrem)
• Lorna’s Laces Zombie BBQ in Shepherd Sock
and Pearl

Enjoy the new things, and I hope that some of you catch your orders being boxed up on the Webcam, tomorrow!

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