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Camp Loopy Bunting

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 in Camp Loopy, Pattern Links

There are a lot of things that come to mind when people think about Camp. Like hiking, campfires, swimming, singing, stories, and that blasted person who plays Reveille at way-too-early-o-clock in the morning. (Go ahead and click on the “sound” link on that Wiki page. It will transport you RIGHT back to early morning camping. Ugh.) Another thing that I think of when I think of camp? Flags. Not just the good ol’ USA flag, but special camp flags.

We definitely needed a Camp Loopy flag. But instead of making it up to depict the Camp Loopy logo (which would be cute, but not useful), I decided that a multi-colored bunting would be a lot more fun and a lot more practical. I picked three of my favorite colors from Cascade 220 (8895, 8505, and 8908 ) and doodled up a quick pattern for you. You can find it on the Free Patterns link over there in the right hand column of my blog. I hope you enjoy it!

I knit it so that the flags were spread out a bit. I like it this way because we have a fence in the back yard and I like looping the rope-y part behind the posts. However, you can also knit it so that all of the bunting flags line up continuously together. Just delete the spacing between them, when knitting up the pattern.

Other ideas for this pattern:

- do it up in holiday colors (Halloween? Valentine’s Day? Christmas?) and string it along a fireplace mantel.

- ditto for seasonal colors, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. It would also look cute looped around a chandelier (away from the bulbs, of course).

- do it up in nursery colors and decorate a baby’s wall or shelves.

- do it up in multiple colors and use it for all family birthday celebrations.

- do it up in your favorite colors and use it in your craft/knitting corner. That’s what I’m doing with the set that I knit here.

They’re quick and easy to knit and it’s fun to come up with different color combinations. Got any color combo ideas you want to share?

Sheri whoalsowantsoneoftheseinautumncolors

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