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Good News, Bad News

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, February 3rd, 2012 in Bad New/Good News

Good News: We had 20 people at Loopy Knit Night last night and filled the whole front entry area with chairs and knitters and crocheters. That was fun!
Bad News: I added more patterns to my “to knit” list. It happens every time someone walks in wearing a beautiful handknit, or comes to Knit Night, working on something enticing.

Good News: I started my sweater. This is the Tea Leaves Cardigan out of Dream in Color Cashmere Blend Worsted in the September ’11 colorway.
Bad News: We’re currently out of that colorway, but we have others available. This yarn is so fun to knit. I can only imagine how nice it will feel to wear.

Good News: I did a Cable Cast On for the neck edge and really like how it looks.
Bad News: It has nothing to do with cables, so the name is a bit misleading and makes it sound like it might be difficult. It’s so NOT difficult.

Good News: It snowed about 8″ last night! Everything looks beautiful outside and my backyard looks like this again.
Bad News: It might be done snowing here. Denver is getting 18 – 24″ and that sounds more fun. I like snow.

Good News: In addition to Mocha-the-backyard-cat (and I did finally get to pet him last week!), we also have a very friendly, sweet cat named Simon who likes to visit and drink water out of our bird bath. He loves attention. I’ve gone out on the deck to pet him several times in the last few weeks.
Bad News: Last weekend in the midst of purring and being petted, he turned around and sunk his teeth into my hand. Then he immediately went back to purring and being happy that I was petting him. (??) Now I refer to him as that Sweet Devil Cat.

Good News: I went to the doc and got on antibiotics the next day, so don’t email and tell me how awful cat bites can be. I know. He’s up to date on his rabies shots, I’m up to date on my tetanus shot, and my hand is all well now.
Bad News: He still visits our deck and I’ll probably still pet him from time to time. (At least this is bad news to my hubby, who thinks I ought to be more cautious of animals I don’t know. I’ll try, but no guarantees.)

Got any good news/bad news to share today?

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