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Studio June – And So Are You

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 in Finished Projects

Remember when I was sick two weeks ago and whipped up Photoshopped all of those Palindrome Scarfs to show you? Well I really did do some knitting while I was sick and not moving from the couch. I worked on this shawl, called “And So Are You“. I made one in the fall for a friend and decided I wanted one for myself, too. I did this with two skeins of Studio June’s Eight Bells, in the large size. I talked Elf -> Cathy into modeling it for you today (thanks, Cathy!). It looked great on top of her green sweater.

This pattern has a P3tog/YO/P3tog in the same three stitches, and I was using the new Knitter’s Pride wooden needles on this project. I was so impressed that the tips were sharp enough to do stitches like that.

I like the shape of this scarf, with big tapered ends to wrap around you. It kind of ends up being almost heart-shaped, doesn’t it?

The ruffles can sometimes be tricky to block. Here’s a close-up of how I pinned them for blocking.

Cute on the back, too.

I really need to learn to wear shawls. I have such fun making them. I do wonder how this one was named. (“And So Are You”? And so are you … what?) Another pattern I love (but has an unusual name) is 28′s Cousin 53. Have you come across other strange pattern names? It makes me want to design something and give it a really bizarre name.

Sheri weirdnames?Thepossibilitiesareendless.

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