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Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 in Loopy

So far today, I have:

- Ordered 2700 skeins of yarn. Still need to put in a few more orders this afternoon, though.

- Checked on orders expected from two yarn companies that were supposed to have arrived by now. (Now suspecting the UPS guy. Not our regular guy – he’s nice. It must be a substitute.)

- Met my landlord (based in Alabama, visiting here today) for the first time. Not sure he’d been in a yarn shop before.

- Tried to figure out which DVD of Downton Abbey is the right one to buy with the least amount of problems associated with it. (Lunch break.)

- Picked up and put down and picked up and put down a new silk blend and a new cashmere blend that are going up next week. (Going back there to pick them up again one more time before I go home tonight.)

- Answered emails, but still didn’t get my in-box to single digits.

- Walked over to Target (in this beautiful 73 degree weather) to get decaf coffee and cookies for a yarn meeting here tonight.

- Pondered my project wall and wondered if it’s wrong to have more than 8 planned projects in the works. (Well, not WRONG, but foolhardy? I’ve been doubling up on the bins. Two projects per bin now. I’m pretty sure I could get three in there if need be.)

- And now I’m getting ready to sit in my Red Chair with a fresh cup of coffee, to do some long term planning. I like that corner of my office.

What did you do today? Anything fun?

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