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Socktopus, Skein, Buttons, and More!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, March 12th, 2012 in Shop News

Mondays are fun, because we finally get to share with you the things that we’ve been ooh-ing and aah-ing over all last week, as they arrived and we photo-ed them! Tonight we added in:

Socktopus – More of Alice’s gorgeous yarn in the Sokkusu fingering weight. This comes to us directly from the U.K. and it’s great yarn for socks and shawls and hats, in particular. I love the twist on this yarn, and of course the colors are amazing. (Shown here in Summer Crush.)

Skein – This batch brought lots of Kristen’s Top Draw fingering weight yarn, all the way from Australia. You’ll like this one for socks and shawls, too. Someone came in the shop two weeks ago with a beautiful little shawlette around their neck, done up with beads. I can’t remember the pattern. Ishbel? Multnomah? At any rate, I picked a skein of Milk Opal Skein to make a beaded shawl, similar to that. And a skein of Pastel Sky to make a gift for a friend. And a skein of Dapple for …. well, for me. No definite plan other than that, yet.

Dream in Color Special Cashmere Worsted - More colors in this yarn base that continues to be my favorite worsted weight at the moment. It’s a combination of the twist and the cashmere in there and the colors. I just love it and am trying to stay away from those shelves at the moment. (Shown here in Victoria.) I’m staying away from the shelves because I’m already working on a sweater and two more scarves in this wonderful stuff.

Re-stocked: Jordana Paige bags, ChiaGoo Needles, Chibi’s, Sock Doctor Keychains (showing sock parts, giving directions for Kitchenering, etc), and Needle Keepers.

New: Patterns (including Ysolda’s Whimsical Knits Book 3), Highlighter Tape, and Buttons (from Arnhild’s Knitting Studio – shown here in #12846, and a line of buttons and shawl pins from Buttons, Etc.).

You’ll be happy to know that my Sothia Shawl is back on track (and out of Time Out). I’m really trying to stick with it 100% until it’s done and not start a new little beaded shawl with my new Skein Top Draw. We’ll see how long that lasts.  I’m glad I have all of you to be accountable to. (But really – I still have 30 rows to go and each row is 700 stitches, soon to increase to 800 stitches. It takes for-gosh-darn-ever. You can hardly blame me if I veer into a little knitting on a new project between rows, right?)

Sheri whoalsomight’vestartedaPagonaonSaturday.I’mhopeless.

My Knitting is in Time Out

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, March 9th, 2012 in Shop News

I’m not sure when I will learn to knit plain and simple (PLAIN AND SIMPLE) patterns at Knit Night. I can’t even tell you how many evenings I’ve done something here and then gone home to frog it. This latest project – my Sothia Shawl – is now in Time Out. I’ve screwed it up twice and I don’t want to deal with it for awhile. Bad Shawl. (Of course it’s the shawl’s fault. Somehow.) My friend Sheryl (see below) offered to rescue it and frog back for me because she’s just nice like that.

We had over 20 people here again for Knit Night last night. Would you like a peek at a few of them? Here’s Tina (working on her second ever scarf and loving it) and Sheryl-the-project-rescuer. She’s working on a Taygete and seems perfectly capable of knitting a striped shawl without mistakes at Knit Night.

Loopy Elf Sarah was hard at work, consulting on needles. And here’s the thing about Sarah – she’s an editor at Interweave by day and works at Loopy on Thursday nights and Saturdays. She has very good taste in all things knitting and all things crochet. The problem? She always wears a really cute shawl to work and I end up wanting to make it. Last night it was Stephen West’s Pogona in a bright lime-y color:

Loopy Elf Emily brought her parents Susan and Chris to Knit Night, because they were visiting from Texas. I’m particularly partial to Susan because she’s the one who told Emily about the Elf jobs here, when we were hiring. And Emily is an Awesome Loopy Elf!

Laura was in town to film a class and popped up for Knit Night, bringing her friend Anne along with her. I haven’t seen Laura since she taught for us at the Spring Fling last April, so it was fun to see her again. (Note – she is also wearing a beautiful lime-y shawl. This one had beads. I’m pretty sure I need one.)

These three girls came with their moms and wanted to be on their own at the table in back. Two were knitting and one was felting. From the sounds of their laughter, I think they were having a great time back there. When I asked them if they wanted to be in the blog, they were so excited because they said their moms “read the blog!!”

See those empty shelves behind them? We are filling that up with a special yarn from Malabrigo called Finito. Although we are going to need more shelves than that emptied out for it. It’s only available once a year (very special wool) and only available to a certain number of shops, due to the limited quantities. I’ll tell you more about it when we put it up in a week or two. It shipped last week – along with a bunch of other Malabrigo – but hasn’t arrived yet. Did one of you highjack about 12 cases of Malabrigo somewhere between there and here??

So did you knit last night? And have you ever put your knitting in Time Out?

Sheri whomightstartalimeshawlwhiletheSothiaShawlisinTimeOut

Knitting From 60 Years Ago

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last week I took the afternoon off for my birthday and went antiquing with my dear friend Meda. We have been antiquing buddies for years, and always have fun hunting for treasures. She is the one who got me into cloche-ing. The bottom two photos in that post are from her house.

One of the things I picked up last week – a stash of old McCall’s Needlework magazines from the early 1950′s. I thought I might make some more mannequins for the shop with some of the color print ads and articles in these magazines. I had fun going through them and seeing that, although the names and styles change, you can always count on certain things with knitting:

Knitters still want their yarn to match well for each project:

People are still knitting socks:

and using sock blockers:

Colorwork is still popular:

There are always “new” techinques which will “revolutionize your knitting”:

People are still wearing needle bracelets (although back then it was a symbol of achievement on a sales person or a knitting instructor):

There are patterns and projects that still make us ask, “What were they thinking?” Like this petal hat:

Or the broken eggshell hat (not to mention those scary stuffed poodles):

Or these attractive belts:

Or these “at-home” shoes:

But the most important thing remains exactly the same, from 1952 to 2012 – always check your gauge:

It makes me wonder which 2012 patterns, techniques and accessories will cause laughter to the knitters in 2072?

Sheri lovingthecostofyarn&patternsbackthen,though

Hiya Sharps, Lorna’s Laces, MochiMochi and More

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, March 5th, 2012 in Pattern Links, Shop News

Another fun week of deliveries here in Loopy Land! The delivery that garnered the most “awwww’s” was Anna’s Mochimochi kits and patterns. These little characters are adorable, quick to knit, and fun to set on shelves or give away. Most of the kits we just put up will make 3 of each character, so you can do one for yourself and two to give away. (Or three for yourself. You don’t have to share.) In this photo: the Penguin, Zombie and Panda, shown next to a Quarter for size comparison. Also, tucked into my “Lost Socks” sign. (Those are all mini socks attached to that sign, just in case you’re comparing sizes on there, too.)  We also have individual patterns up as well. Anna is the author of Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi and Knitting Mochimochi. None of these individual patterns or kit patterns are in either of the books – these are all new. Remember when I said that I wanted to learn to knit these cuties? That’s because Anna had sent me a sample and I was charmed by them. Can’t wait to try them!

Also up tonight:

Lorna’s Laces – new colors in Shepherd Sport (shown here in Cermak, also look for Cornelia, Farwelll and Kedzie), re-stocks in Shepherd Sock and Helen, and lots of wonderful Wooltop Roving in the 10 oz. size.

Dream in Color Classy - this worsted weight is superwash which makes it great for sweaters and kids. Try Kelly’s “In Threes: A Baby Cardigan“, Kirsten’s “Pembroke Vest“,  or Aimee’s “Moving Mountains Baby Blanket“.

HiyaHiya Sharps – Now that we’ve added in more slatwall for needle storage, we have room for the Hiya Sharps. For those of you who like knitting with pointy-points, these are for you. We have them in 24″, 32″ and 40″ circulars, as well as 6″ DPN’s.

Knitter’s Pride - some of the missing sizes that were backordered last week have come in, as well as the Interchangeable Sets and the Crochet Sets (which join the Single Needle Sets, the DPN Sets, and the Chunky Circular Sets).

Regia – Kaffe Fassett’s newest line, Ombre Stripe, in 6 different colorways that stripe as you knit them (shown here in the Moss Garden Color, #04484).  Fun for socks, mitts, hats and gloves.

Patterns – by Tiny Owl Knits, Ysolda Teague, Cosmic Pluto, and Bekah Knits (in addition to the Mochimochi Land patterns.)

We have winners from our February Blog Contest! I ran the Random Number Generator and these three people have won a $25 Loopy Ewe Credit: Linda S in CA, Katie (Kathron) and Alison (who have both been emailed since I haven’t been able to come up with their address. If you’re Katie who wanted to learn intarsia or Alison who wanted to learn colorwork mittens, check your email folder!)

Have fun checking out What’s New tonight. As always, we’ll be in here packing and shipping the new things out to you tomorrow. We have fun seeing what you order and imagining the beautiful things that you’re going to make with them.

Sheri gorgeousdayhere-sunnyandinthe60′s!

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