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Wacky Wednesday Randomness

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 in Wacky Wednesday, WH's Photos

Today’s post? Random things you might need to know.

1.  The mama owl has three babies, not two. No doubt she’s still exhausted from caring for them. She did, however, pick an excellent tree to match their feathers. Great camouflage. I think they all flew the nest over the weekend, though. We’ll have to wait until next Spring again for more photos.

2.  The elk are in abundance nearby. And you don’t want to get too close to them.

3.  Mocha’s owners shaved him a month ago. Good news: at least he has owners. Bad news: they shaved him when it was still freezing cold out. (No, no skin conditions or anything. I asked. Just some mats that I think could have waited until the weather warmed up. Poor beautiful guy.)

4.  Jason, one of our regular Knit Nighters, is making knitted food for his daughter. He did pancakes with dripping syrup. Here he’s feeding his knitted ice cream cone to Loopy. Next up? Pepperoni pizza.

5.  Did you know old card catalogs make great containers for stash? Long narrow drawers for skeins, plus a place on the front of the drawer for labels. Cool. As someone who likes to repurpose old things, I thought this worked out great.

Have you repurposed anything fun lately?

Sheri probablyshouldhaveboughtbothcardcatalogs

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