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What Color is Your Canoe?

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 in Camp Loopy

Have you gotten your Camp Loopy order in yet? Today is the last day for Store Week, so jump in! Last year we had a lot of fun with different Camp Loopy threads on the Loopy Groupie board on Ravelry. We divided people up each month to talk and chat and encourage each other onward and it was a fun way for fellow campers to get to know one another. We’ll do the same this summer, making sure that each month/project gets a new group designation, so that you have a chance to meet a lot of different campers! (Please note – this is totally optional and just for fun. You can certainly attend Camp and not participate in a thread on Ravelry’s Loopy Groupie board.)

For our first project, we’re all knitting a 400+ yd. project using a pattern by a designer from a country other than our own. Most of you have picked your patterns and colors (with the remaining few of you doing so today, right?). For the Ravelry threads this first month, we’re dividing you up by Canoe color. We’ll have:

Purple/Red Canoes
Blue Canoes
Green Canoes
Yellow/Orange Canoes
Brown/Black Canoes
Crazy Canoes

Your Canoe color comes from the predominant color in your Project One yarn. (Even those of you knitting the Color Affection – and there are a LOT of you! – will be using one color more than the other two. In that pattern, the color you start out with on that shawl will be used the most in your project.) If your project yarn doesn’t fit into one of the regular colors listed above, then we’ll just call you a Crazy Canoe-r.

We’ll get the Canoe Groups started shortly over on the Loopy Groupie board on Ravelry* and then you can start paddling in your Canoe group. Knitting on Project One starts May 27th!

Sheri gladit’sjustpretend.Canoeingmakesmyarmstired.

(*You do need a free Ravelry account for this optional Camp activity. Ravelry provides a great forum for knitting discussions, for those who’d like to participate.)

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