Toasty Mittens

One of the classes we’re teaching this quarter is “Your First Mittens”. I wandered by the class while it was in session and decided I needed to make those mittens, too. They are incredibly thick and toasty feeling. Made from a bulky weight yarn, they really keep the chill out. You can find the pattern free (Super Bulky Mittens for Women) and I made it with 1 skein of Malabrigo Rasta. I did add a total of 4 extra stitches to the mitten to make it a little larger, and I also did 10 rows on the cuff to make them a bit longer. This pattern would be equally stunning in The Fibre Company’s Tundra or Spud and Chloe Outer. I made this pair for a gift, but since it only took me one evening of knitting, I’m planning to make a pair for myself as well.

While I was looking for that pattern on Ravelry, I came across a few other fun, bulky (quick to knit) mittens and mitts you also might want to check out: Raglan Mitts, Axel Mitts (I like the turn-down cuff), Highly Regarded Mitts, Chunky Cables Wrist Warmers, Shelburne Mittens, Basket Weave Mittens, and Herringbone Mittens.

Of course as long as you’re making mittens, you might as well make a hat to match, right? So check out these cute bulky hat patterns (and remember – bulky usually means quick-to-knit): Garden Gate Mittens and Hat, Super Chunky Super Quick Toque, Thorpe, and Bella’s Hat. With just under two weeks until Christmas, it’s probably time to do a few bulky projects. Do you like to knit with bulky yarn? Those needles (size 11) seemed so big when I started, but by the second mitten I was whizzing right along with them. Plus, I really like that the mittens are so warm and thick. I imagine it’s the same with anything you knit out of bulky yarn. There are definitely a lot of pluses in using it.

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14 comments on “Toasty Mittens

  1. I’m normally not a bulky yarn person, but the lack of snow here in Colorado has made me yearn for warm fuzziness. Kind of like “Build it and they will come.” I figure warm fuzzy has GOT to bring snow. So, I’ve been churning out hats and cowls with Boboli Quick, Borealis and a few others. I’ve gotten creative with it on a couple Gap-tastic cowls. And against my nature have worn them and enjoyed…or tried to in 60° weather. Now – if it would only SNOW!!!!!

  2. I’ve been saving a skein or Zarzamora for a great project. I think you’ve just given me my answer. A warm pair of mittens seems like the perfect choice. Now I don’t have to thrum a pair!

  3. I live in a warm climate where heavy mittens and hats don’t work. But, I am currently knitting a heavy blanket (2 yarns held together on size 36 needles). It is proving to be a lot of fun. After knitting with tiny, tiny needles most of the time, it is quite enjoyable to knit with huge ones! So, bulky can be a fun project for anyone. It is nice to get out of one’s comfort zone (even in knitting).

  4. I too am not usually a bulky fan BUT Christmas knitting has gotten me going on it this year: three pairs of Duffers Revisited felted slippers and a Baby/Toddler Tiered Coat/Jacket so far. Gotta admit the instant gratification factor is appealing… but still need to balance it with some lace and sock time :-)

  5. I made my first mittens this week as well! I used the Wishbone Mittens pattern and Swans Island Merino Worsted yarn and I love love love them. That yarn is so lovely I may have to get some more…