The Loopy Ewe Giftables Club

Is it ever too soon to begin gift knitting for the next round of birthdays and holidays? We think not! To help you get some projects done and set aside for future gifting, we’ve developed our first Giftables Club and we’re excited to share it with you.

This is a 3 month club with shipments going out mid-February, mid-March, and mid-April. We’ve designed three projects that are perfect for gift giving (even if you are gifting it to yourself, which is perfectly acceptable). Each month you’ll receive an exclusively dyed luxury yarn (valued from $29.75 – $36.00), a pattern written just for that yarn, and a fun little extra tucked in. The cost of the club is $40 per month, plus shipping. Two of the months include patterns that are suitable for the gal friends in your life, and one month will include a pattern that will work for either guys or gals. If you’d like to be a part of the Club, we ask that you commit to purchasing all three months of it. We don’t need payment yet. You’ll receive an email each month when the package is ready to ship out to you, and you can pay at that time.┬áIf all that sounds good and you’re ready for 3 months of giftable kits with beautiful yarn, you can sign up by clicking here. (Now sold out! We will have another round of the Giftables Club this Fall. No worries.)

We hope you enjoy this as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it all together for you. Mid-February will be here soon and we’ll be sending the first package out to you!

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19 comments on “The Loopy Ewe Giftables Club

  1. What a fun idea! So excited about this and the new rewards program! Thank you, Sheri, for the way you value your customers.

  2. Another great idea! Thanks bunches!!!! :). I have been trying super hard to control my yarn/fiber spending but this may be a good thing cause it can be used for gifts!!!

  3. Hi Everyone – I ‘m so sorry this went way faster than we anticipated. We thought we had plenty of spots for this round. On the emails, we send out such a large number of them that it takes several hours to cycle them all out. That’s why some of you are just now getting them, but the spots are now full. We do have a Fall version already planned, and we will be sure to increase the number of available spots.

  4. Wow, really popular. I’ll being looking forward to the Fall session. Great idea, indidentally! Have a great Thursday, everyone!!

  5. Maybe next fall I will be ready, I have so many things to knit already! I am trying to finish up a sweater next along with a pair of Sock Club socks that I love and want to wear!