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Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 in Shop News

Colorado-MountainsYep, that means this blog post is covering the blog for the next three blogging days!  Just popping in to give you a few bits of information.

1. If you haven’t put your Camp order in yet, be sure to get it in by Sunday evening to get the Camp discount.

2. Because so many of you HAVE already gotten orders in, we’re a little backed up in shipping! Your orders will take an extra day or two to ship due to the volume that we’re packing up, but rest assured that the Elves are rockin’ it. They’re awesome.

3. To add an order note requesting the Camp discount: after you put payment through, you are brought back to a page that gives you your order number and gives you a link to leave an order note. If you miss that, you can always go into your Loopy account and click on that order number to leave a note from there as well.

4. I will be away from the blog on Friday and Monday, but I will be back here to chat with you on Wednesday of next week, and will also announce our First Quarter Challenge winners on that post. Thanks for voting!

5. Just to give us an extra bit of time to get these Camp Orders shipped off, we won’t be doing a Monday Update next week. We will definitely have an Update on Monday the 27th (Memorial Day). Our back room is overflowing with cases of yarn waiting to go up on the website. We can’t take more than one week off from Updates, or Rebecca (Inventory Manager) will disappear amongst the boxes, never to be seen again. And I didn’t tell her that we have about 20-30 more cases of fun stuff due in over the next 7-10 days. No sense freaking her out …. (Hi, Rebecca!) :-)

Sheri lovingalloftheyarnchoicesyou’remakingforCamp!

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