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Cute Little Cotton Rabbits Patterns

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, July 5th, 2013 in Finished Projects, Pattern Links

SONY DSCWe are always finding fun things to knit around here. I’ve been drooling over Julie’s Little Cotton Rabbits for several years. In fact, I was lucky enough to buy a few when they were still pretty easy to get. But now, she puts up a dozen completed bunnies every couple of months and the demand for them is overwhelming. I was thrilled when she decided to write up her patterns and offer them for sale! I haven’t started one yet, but as soon as Camp is over, it’s on my list.

Last week, Loopy Office Manager Lynn decided to try her hand at her own little bunny. She used Julie’s SONY DSCpatterns for the girl bunny (also available in a boy bunny) and the dress, and then used our Loopy Cakes “Colors of Loopy” set for the dress, tights and shoes. ¬†She’s already talking about making a few changes of clothes, because how can you pick just one of those adorable dresses to make? (There was a little mishap during the photography session, and the bunny decided to jump down from the winder. Ooops! But it does give you a good look at the cute striped tights.)

Do you like knitting toys? And does this sweet little bunny tempt you like it tempts me?

Sheri hopingyou’reinforagreatweekend!

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