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Baby Sweaters!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, July 12th, 2013 in Finished Projects, Pattern Links

SONY DSCI have no babies to knit for in my life at the moment, but I keep coming across the cutest little baby sweaters and finally had to knit a couple of them up. (And … I have a couple more on my list, too.) The first one is the Monarch Butterfly pattern, knit up in Madelinetosh Vintage in the Scarlet color. I made the 12 month size, just because that’s a good size to keep on display here at Loopy. The pattern went together very quickly (as is the case with tiny little sweaters!). The only change I would make is that I would delete the lace repeat that is right in the underarm area and would just do stockinette there the next time. See how the pattern kind of pooches out on that right side of the photo? That’s because there is a lace repeat right under the arm. Other than that, it was a great pattern to knit and would look pretty in any worsted weight yarn.

SONY DSCThe second one I knit up is the Yoked Cardigan, which I knit in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in the Blackberry Colorway. I made the 12 month size in this, too. Every time I knit with Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted, I remember how much I love it. So soft, such great color distribution, and easy care (which is especially important for kids knits.) I know the sleeves look a little longer on my version. I think it’s because I had it on a funny little mini-mannequin and you need a real baby with real shoulders to fill that out correctly!

Next up, I have two boy patterns picked out to work on. And maybe a cute little girl dress, too. I can’t seem to finish an adult-sized sweater, but I’m right on top of the baby ones. Have you made a baby sweater before? What are some of your favorite baby patterns?

Sheri needingtofinishCampLoopyProjectTwo

Song of the Sea

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 in Pattern Links

Caitlin's Song of the SeaOne of the dangers of Camp Loopy is finding SO many new-to-me patterns that I have to favorite in my Ravelry queue. (Well, it’s a danger and a bright spot!) I don’t think one could ever see all of the beautiful patterns that are available, due to the sheer numbers that are cataloged there. One that I immediately queued when I approved the Camp Photo was the pattern for Song of the Sea. Isn’t it beautiful? This one was done by Caitlin in Rhode Island as her Camp Loopy Project One.

Song of the SeaAfter it was posted, the author of the pattern contacted me and asked if I’d like to offer a 20% discount to any of you who might be interested in making the pattern for yourself. I think it would make a really pretty gift for someone special, although if you’re like me, you’ll probably have a hard time giving this away once it’s done. If you’d like to take advantage of this, just go to the pattern on Ravelry and enter the word SONG when you check out. This discount will be available to you until July 19th. A big thanks to Louise for making this available to us! (And check out her other patterns, too. I really like the “Another Way” pattern, too. I might need to make that one pretty soon as well.)

Song of the Sea CloseupDo you need a few yarn suggestions for this cowl? How about Spud and Chloe Fine, The Loopy Ewe Solid Series, Malabrigo Sock, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Hedgehog Fibres, Dream in Color Smooshy with CashmereCascade Heritage Silk or Fibre Company’s Road to China Light (I know it’s a sportweight, but that just means it will be a slight bit bigger and it will feel AWESOME!).

The pattern comes with directions for making a short version (to tuck inside your coat collar) or a longer version (to loop around your neck a couple of times.) I hope you enjoy making it!

Sheri goingtomakethelongversoininRoadtoChinaLight,Ithink

Madelinetosh, Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze, Notions, Needles and More!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, July 8th, 2013 in Shop News

Happy Monday to you. I hope it has been a good one so far! We’ve spent the day stocking shelves and getting the update ready for you. Tonight we’re adding in:

A Bit of Reggae The Loopy Ewe- The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze - This 100% merino fingering weight yarn comes in all sorts of amazing colors. This is the yarn that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago and had you all guessing about. Many of you thought it was Koigu, based on the coloring of the skein I showed. Actually, Rhichard spent over 10 years dyeing yarn at Koigu before branching out to his own line, so you know he has great color sense and dye experience! I made socks with my first two skeins, but am anxious to use this in a shawl in the near future, too. (Shown here in A Bit of Reggae.)

- Loopy Legends - We have our first four Loopy Legend colorways back from the dyer! When you reach the Cashmere Level of our Rewards program, you get to pick a personalized colorway for us to dye up and share with everyone. (The person who reached that level and designed the color gets a free skein, of course.) Check in to find Dana’s Soothing Retreat, Kathy’s Welsh Daffodil, Sue’s Grand Prismatic Spring, and Leslie’s Pipevine Swallowtail! (More Legend colorways coming soon.)

Mala The Loopy Ewe- Madelinetosh Pashmina - This is the other half of our Pashmina order (the first half went up last month). This brings our total number of colorways currently available up to 60, so there is a lot to choose from! (Shown here in Mala.)

- Della Q - More needle organizers from Della! If you have been trying to find the perfect Interchangeable Needle Case, or something for your circulars, or the perfect organizer to carry them all – pop over and see these.

- Notions - we’ve re-stocked Knitter’s Safety Pins, Kitty and Puppy Snips, Darning Needles, Stitch Holders, Stitch Counters, Conductive Thread, Cat Tape Measures, and a great new tool for picking up stitches called the Silvalume Handi Tool. (I saw a knitter using this at Market and she told me I HAD to go buy these.)

Nora The Loopy Ewe- Offhand Designs - We had these new bags sitting on the back table waiting to be put up on the shelves today, and I finally had to stop walking out of my office. Every time I went by that table, I walked over there and found myself compelled to buy a new knitting bag. I think these new fabrics are my most favorite ever. And I still might be taking one home tonight. I’m trying not to because I did get one of them just a couple of months ago in a different fabric. But should that even matter? I repeat – it was a different fabric. Clearly, completely, completely different, right? (Shown here in the Scottie design in Nora.)

- Scojo Glasses - re-stocks of the sizes we were out of, and a new color – Pink Zebra. These are the only glasses I use any more. I wear them all day to work on the computer, and all night to knit. If you have to wear reading glasses (and I wish I didn’t have to, but that comes with age I guess), you’ll appreciate how lightweight and awesome these are.

Zoom Loom The Loopy Ewe- Schacht Zoom Looms - these cute little looms are perfect for weaving up small squares and using up your leftover yarn bits. You might use them for coasters, or sew them together for blankets and scarves. I’ve always wanted a sock yarn blanket but couldn’t comprehend knitting up all of those squares. I can see weaving them, though. And wouldn’t several squares be cute as a wee little baby blanket?

- Schacht 15″ Cricket Looms - for bigger weaving! You can make scarves, table runners, placemats, dish towels, and washcloths on this size. But I’m warning you – it’s a big addictive ….

- Needles - re-stocks of ChiaoGoo’s, HiyaHiya’s, and Kollage needles.

Have fun shopping and we’ll get your orders packed up and shipped off asap, as always!

Sheri onereasontohavemultipleworksinprogress?

Cute Little Cotton Rabbits Patterns

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, July 5th, 2013 in Finished Projects, Pattern Links

SONY DSCWe are always finding fun things to knit around here. I’ve been drooling over Julie’s Little Cotton Rabbits for several years. In fact, I was lucky enough to buy a few when they were still pretty easy to get. But now, she puts up a dozen completed bunnies every couple of months and the demand for them is overwhelming. I was thrilled when she decided to write up her patterns and offer them for sale! I haven’t started one yet, but as soon as Camp is over, it’s on my list.

Last week, Loopy Office Manager Lynn decided to try her hand at her own little bunny. She used Julie’s SONY DSCpatterns for the girl bunny (also available in a boy bunny) and the dress, and then used our Loopy Cakes “Colors of Loopy” set for the dress, tights and shoes.  She’s already talking about making a few changes of clothes, because how can you pick just one of those adorable dresses to make? (There was a little mishap during the photography session, and the bunny decided to jump down from the winder. Ooops! But it does give you a good look at the cute striped tights.)

Do you like knitting toys? And does this sweet little bunny tempt you like it tempts me?

Sheri hopingyou’reinforagreatweekend!

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