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Back Yard Happenings

Photo: Sheri Berger
Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 in Around the House

If I go too long without updating you on the backyard cats, you start emailing and asking about them. So it’s about time for another update. Remember Mocha? I’ve shown you his Before (long-haired) photo, and his after (shaved) photo, but I don’t know that I’ve ever shown you what he looks like in-between. He goes from white to dark chocolate to tan!

Shaved (white):


In-between (dark chocolate):


Long (tan):


Mocha lives in the house behind us, but he’s usually sleeping on our deck in the mornings, waiting for us to come pet him and give him some food. (Ok – really, he’s just waiting for the food. But he always wants a nice petting when he has finished eating.)

mocha sleeping

He comes by several times a day, and we really enjoy having him around. Can you see the path he takes to get from his house to our house?

Mocha's Path

His owners have no idea how much time he spends over here. They think he goes to the back corner of their yard “to hunt”. Really, it’s just to duck under the bushes and come see us. Don’t you love his blue eyes? (Click on the picture to make it bigger. What a handsome boy.)


We have a new cat who comes by about every other evening to get some food. He has beautiful markings and I call him Shadow. So far, he skitters away if we open the door. (Thus, his name.) He doesn’t want anything to do with us. But Mocha was like that when we first moved in, and we won him over. I have high hopes for Shadow, too. (And Mocha and Shadow seem to be friends. I keep telling Mocha to put in a good word for me.)


And do you remember pretty little Jackie, who was put outside by her owners last year and ended up living on our deck? She now lives inside full time with Knitting Daughter in her apartment, but she does get to come over and visit us once in awhile. She usually hides under the dining room table until Zoe and Gracie (our two indoor cats) entice her out to play.


So tell me about your pet household. Cats? Dogs? Outdoor visitors? One? Two? Many? None?

Sheri gladtohaveindoorpetsandoutdoorvisitors

P.S. I’m not talking about the two beautiful orange cats that you saw on my last outdoor cat blog post because there are coyotes in the neighborhood. That’s all I’m saying. And that’s why we keep our cats indoors. I wish Mocha’s and Shadow’s owners felt the same way.

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