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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, September 13th, 2013 in Pattern Links

FloodingviaPaytonPetersonThanks for all of your emails and messages, checking in on us. Who knew this rainstorm would end up lasting for four days and causing flash floods?? Usually we get a short burst of rain and then the sun comes back out. (I love that. The sun is never hidden for too long here in Fort Collins. Except for this week.) So far, all of the Elves houses are fine and Loopy is fine. The flooding really only started here in town yesterday and today. Plenty of roads impassable as the rivers have gotten to the point of overflowing. Boulder and Estes Park are much worse. I’m hoping the rain stops soon. I’m glad we’re not in a flood plain here at Loopy. (Remember this post where the St. Louis Loopy shop almost got flooded? Look – it was this exact same time of year.)  I guess the good side of this is that the extra moisture we’ve had this summer and fall will be good in terms of forest fires next spring. The ground has been fully saturated. (Aerial photo of Longmont courtesy of @paytonpeterson, via Twitter).

Knit Night1I have another special pattern offer for you today. Louise (who designed the Song of the Sea Cowl that we all loved, and the Another Way pattern that I just finished), has come up with a pattern called Knit Night, specifically for pretty-but-no-brainer knitting, such as you need for Knit Night. It can be made in any weight yarn, and is great for multi-colors or solids. You can add beads to the picot edges, or knit it without the beads. Her other new one is Stay AwhileStay Awhilealso great for knitting without too much thinking. If you’d like 20% off of one of these patterns, Louise has set up a special code you can use until September 21st: Loopy4TSB . I like the code she came up with. And remember – do vote for Loopy for The Super Bowl! She assured me that they’re all voting for Loopy for the Super Bowl in the UK, too. (Photos used with permission.) Since these can be made in any weight, you could also make them for the Fourth Quarter Challenge, if you haven’t picked out anything else yet.

I’m heading off to Germany for a week* (visiting Claudia-the-Wollmeise), so I won’t be able to answer emails for a bit. Feel free to contact Lynn ( if you have questions or need anything. Of course we’ll still have the Monday Updates and blog posts, including one next week showing you my completed Nuvem and giving you the chance to win a skein of Wollmeise Lace in Spice Market to make one like it, if you are so inclined. Watch for that. The Elves will be busy keeping the shop running and getting out orders, and WH is staying home this time, so the cats will remain well fed. You won’t even know I’m gone. Unless you email and wonder why I’m not answering!

Sheri *currentlynowaytogettotheairportwiththeroadsclosed.

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