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Gift Wrap Alternatives

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 in Shop News

I heard a report today that people use enough wrapping paper during the holidays to wrap around the world eight times. Eight times! And what happens to most of that paper? Tossed into the garbage on December 26th. Would you like some better ideas for holiday gift wrapping?

Blue Q Bags. Not only are they re-usable, but they’re cute and colorful and come in all sizes. The small zip pouch is great for little notions (or gift cards, or money) and also makes a great little stocking stuffer.


The X-Large Pouch and Large Pouch work well for needles, travel Soak packets, tape measures, post-it note books, notepads, journals, pens, and small knitted gifts like hats, gloves, socks and mitts.


The Handy Tote is my favorite size, because it makes a great project bag when the gift has been opened. Tuck Soak bottles, yarn, books, coffee, tea, mugs, or handknit scarves in there. Since this one doesn’t zip shut, you can tie it shut with ribbon (or fabric or yarn strips).


The Shoulder Tote is huge and can hold a lot! Use it for Soak Kits, Fabric Short Stacks, Needle and accessory organizers, shoes, clothes, knitted sweaters and afghans, and more.


You might also use The Calico Bush Project Bags as very cute gift wrap. The drawstring cinches it up tight (no peeking!) and it would be perfect filled with yarn for your favorite knitter or crocheter. We’re very good at picking matching yarn, if you want to call and get some ideas from us.


Finally, another alternative is to wrap all of your gifts in fabric. For the one below, I used a fat quarter and simply tied ends together that are diagonally opposite. There are all kinds of cute fabric options and if you want the presents under your tree to go well together, get some Short Stacks that match. Our Short Stacks come with 8 fat quarters, so you can wrap up 8 different gifts with one stack. Or get bigger pieces of fabric for bigger items. Wrap them up, tuck in the ends, and tie with ribbon or fabric strips to hold it all together and keep the contents secret until it’s time to unwrap gifts.


Of course if your gift recipient isn’t into fabric, you can offer to “re-cycle” that for them after they’ve opened the gift. Right into your beloved fabric stash. Because you’re thoughtful like that. ;-)

Sheri youknowChristmascomesquicklyafterThanksgivingthisyear,right?

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