A Special Downton Abbey Fabric CONTEST!

SONY DSCAs you know, we had our Grand Opening for the fabric side of The Loopy Ewe this past weekend. A big thank you to everyone who came by to see us and celebrate! We drew for door prizes and handed out a free Christmas pattern to everyone who attended, and we promised to share the same with all of you blog readers. Here’s a picture of the quilt that we have written up the pattern for. I actually made this quilt top more than 20 years ago (which might be obvious from some of those fabric prints), but brought it in to Loopy a month ago and had the Loopy Quilting Elves do their magical quilting on it, to finish it off. If you’d like a copy of the pattern, just leave us an order note on your next fabric order between now and the end of November, and we’ll include it in your order.

Downton Abbey Contest The Loopy EweWe also promised that we’d share some of the new Downton Abbey fabrics with you! There are 37 bolts in the Downton collection, and they are not yet available in stores. But I did purchase all 37 of them in fat quarters at market. I have pulled some out to make a quilt, we gave some as doorprizes over the weekend, and now we have these 12 left. We’ll bundle them four to a set so that we can draw three winners from your comments below! If you’d like to enter into the drawing, just leave a comment and tell us if you’re a Downton fan (and if so – do you have a favorite character?). We’ll draw the winners next week! (I also have a Downton fabric poster that I had the Costumer Designer and the Production Designer sign at Market. I’ll mail that off with one of the three fabric sets as well. You can see them signing the poster on this blog post!)

The Loopy Ewe Fall Giftables ClubIn yarn news – we put up the rest of our October Giftables Kits if any of you were hoping to get your hands on one of those. This was the last kit in the three-series set for Fall Giftables. We still have limited quantities of the first two kits in the series as well. If you’re behind on your holiday knitting, pick up one of these kits and whip up a project or two! We’ll have information on the Spring Giftables signups coming in January. The kits will be coming out in March, April and May and I’m really excited about the yarn, designers and extras that we’ve lined up for you for Spring!  Keep an eye on the blog and the monthly email newsletter for details after the holidays.

Sheri haven’tknitmuchinthepasttwoweeks.Maybetonight.

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143 comments on “A Special Downton Abbey Fabric CONTEST!

  1. I think I’ve seen one episode of Downton Abbey, and enjoyed it, but know it something that hubby would NOT enjoy, so I don’t watch it, as time is very limited.

    Those fabrics are beautiful, though!

    Thank you for a chance at some of them.

  2. Downton Abbey is my “must-see” show of the week. My favorite character is Lady Edith (so tragic and lovely). I’d love to quilt with Downton Abbey fabrics – I love the beautiful colorways.

  3. I came late to the Dowtnton Abbey party but once I found it, I fell in love quickly! I think Carson is my favorite, but really they ALL are!

  4. Downton Abbey is never missed in our house. Lady Mary is my favorite character. She’s such a complex character and now with the baby, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.

  5. I haven’t been able to catch Downton Abbey yet…guess I’m too busy holiday knitting, especially right now. If the beautiful colors in the quilt squares are an indication…I know I would love it!!!

  6. I love Downton Abbey, and have even gotten DH to watch it with me. If I had to choose a favorite character, I would go with the Dowager, but luckily we get to enjoy them all!

    Can you give us an idea of how much fabric the Christmas pattern takes? I’d love to make that for my very dear 95-year-old MIL. I always knit for her, perhaps it’s time to do something different.

  7. I just learned about this show 6 months ago…I must have been living under a rock!! After lots of hours catching up on the show via Amazon Prime I am totally hooked. I like both Anna and Carson.

  8. Of course I’m. Downton abbey fan! I don’t have a favorite though. Each character has their own little thing I love about them. But for now Anna and Carson are at the top. Thank you so much for the chance to win this awesome prize!!!

  9. These Downton fabrics make me want to start another quilt although I haven’t finished quilting the one I have started. I had never watched “Downton Abbey” until my friends and daughter kept talking about it so I bought all three DVD’s and watched them. I’m ‘hooked”! Can’t wait until January!

  10. I do watch Downton Abbey! My favorite character is Mary. I would really appreciate winning the fabrics! I quilt too and would love to create a wall hanging with them!

  11. I have only seen about 3 shows of the first season because I keep getting interrupted and I want to just sit and watch the season all the way through. I will say that so far, the father is my favorite character, but that is because in the second episode, he refused to fire the handicapped butler, even though protocol required him to do so. Loved that display of courage!!

  12. I’ve never seen Downton Abbey (no cable/satellite and 3 kids keep me from sitting down in front of the TV for long), but it’s my kind of show. The fabrics are lovely patterns!

  13. I had not heard of Downton Abbey until I stumbled upon a mystery QAL which I joined) because I love the collections. It was very difficult to choose just 1 characters’ fabric as they are all so nice. I was curious as to what all the hoopla was about regarding the show. I searched Amazon Prime and there it was… The first 3 seasons! After watching the first episode, I’m hooked. 2 marathon evenings and I’ve completed the first season and started the 2nd. There are so many great characters in this series that it’s difficult to choose just one. The character fabric I finally chose for the QAL was Lady Mary’s.

  14. I have several favorite characters–The Dowager Countess, Mrs. Hughes, Sybil–and just cannot get enough of the show! Have watched the new season, after being desperate enough to figure out how to watch via Irish television, online!

  15. I’m a huge fan of DA … even have my husband hooked on it and believe me, that is unusual for him! My fave character is Anna :) The fabrics are beautiful.

  16. People keep telling me I’d love Downton Abbey. I really should watch it one of these days, now that my life has calmed down considerably.

  17. I don’t have a TV but I’ve made sure to watch all the Downton Abbey shows online. (I got the first two seasons on DVD while I was unemployed) Watched Season 3 online and I hear that season 4 is available if you know where to look. hehe. one of my friends is going to hook me up so I can watch them this week while I’m recovering from gall bladder surgery. sounds fun, huh? I’m planning to get some knitting done too! Oh, and my favorite character is Mary – I like her spunk.

  18. oh YES I am a big DA fan – I love so many characters I would find it hard to choose just one. Plus I have changed my mind during the years about some of them. I am just still devastated that they let Matthew die – I think they could have sent Matthew to India and brought back another Matthew in a year and people would have accepted that. we’ll see what the new season has in store. Thanks for the giveaway opp.

  19. My favorite character is the dowager. She can get away with saying exactly what everyone else is thinking, but are too afraid to say. She can do it because or age and of course rank. I enjoy the beautiful costumes the beading alone is extraordinary. It’s wonder to escape into the past when life was so genteel. Only, if you lived upstairs!

  20. I really love the Downton Abbey series. The costumes and sets/castle are incredible. It almost makes me wish I lived in those times-but it must have been difficult to really do so. I’d have to say that my favorite character is the Dowager and the head butler. I can’t remember his name right now though. Also love the wreath quilt and I would love, love, love to win those gorgeous DA fat quarters. Thanks for holding the giveaway!
    Betsy in the overcast & drizzly Seattle suburbs

  21. Absolutely a fan of Downton Abbey. Can’t wait for the next season to appear here in the US! The Dowager is my favorite character, well, Maggie Smith, what can you say? She is fantastic.

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