Loopy’s Challenge – The Fabric Version

Adornit Short Stacks The Loopy EweNow that the Yarn Challenge Week is about over (you have until the end of today to get a discount on your project yarn), we wanted to introduce our very first fabric challenge! This one will be fun, and we’re anxious to see what you make. Be sure to share the challenge with your sewing friends, so they can get in on the fun, too!

Moda Short Stacks 1 The Loopy EweThe Challenge: Use one of our Loopy Short Stacks plus one fabric of your choice from a different fabric company (not the same one that your Short Stack comes from) for a new project. You can make whatever you’d like (quilt, wall hanging, new bag, patchwork pillows, apron, etc), as long as it incorporates some of each of the fabrics in the Short Stack and the additional fabric choice you pick. (You can use the additional fabric choice for the backing, or you can incorporate it into the front of the design.)

Birch Short Stacks The Loopy EweWe are offering a 15% discount on one  Short Stack and one additional fabric starting today and going through December 27th. You will need to leave us an order note indicating which Short Stack and 1 additional fabric in the order is for your challenge. We will apply the discount when we print out your order. If you’re going for free shipping in the U.S. make sure that the discount will not take your total under the $75 level, because the website will add the $5.95 postage cost back in. (Discount limited to one Loopy Short Stack and one additional fabric. Must be ordered in one order, so calculate carefully before ordering.)

Andover Short Stacks The Loopy EweIf you purchase project items from us during Challenge Week (12/18 – 12/27) or later, and you upload a photo of your completed project to our gallery you could also earn an extra Loopy Credit! Assuming you complete your project and…

  • upload your photo on or before January 31st, we’ll give you a Loopy Credit equal to your original discount;
  • or, if you upload it in February, we’ll give you a Loopy Credit for 75% of your original discount.

Moda French General Short Stacks The Loopy EweFor example, if you order $40 for your challenge project during Challenge Week, you’ll get a $6 discount on your order that day. Then, if you finish and upload your project to our photo gallery in January, we’ll put a $6 Loopy Credit in your account. If it takes a bit longer to finish your project and you upload it in February instead, we’ll give you a $4.50 Loopy Credit. (Note: one discount and one Loopy Credit per person.)

Moda Short Stacks 2 The Loopy EweWe’ll start a Fabric Mixers thread on the Loopy Groupie Board on Ravelry, so feel free to join in on the discussions there! You are welcome to participate in the Fabric Challenge, even if you are also already doing the Yarn Challenge. I’m thinking I might need to design myself the ultimate knitting bag. Maybe strips of fabric on the outside, different fabrics for pockets on the inside. Lots and lots of pockets. I like places for everything in there.

Riley Blake Short Stacks The Loopy EweAll Loopy Short Stacks are comprised of 8 Fat Quarters, and there are lots of great patterns out there using FQ’s. Here are some ideas: Fat Quarter Friendly Quilt Patterns, 25 Things to Do with Fat Quarters, Bright Four Patch Throw, Old World Snowballs, or books: Fabulous Fat Quarter Bags, Fat Quarter Friendly, Simply Fat Quarters,  Fat Quarter Winners or one of the fun patterns we have in the shop. If you’re a quilter, there are a lot of great sampler quilts/wallhangings that would work well for this challenge.

Batik Short Stacks The Loopy EweSo – pick one of our 45 Loopy Short Stack options (I’ve only shown you 24 here – lots more on the website) plus one additional fabric from a different company, incorporate at least some of each of those 8 + 1 fabrics into your project, and then upload a photo of your finished project to the Loopy’s Fabric Challenge Photo Gallery (which we’ll put up in January.) We’re looking forward to having you participate in the first Loopy Fabric Challenge!

Sheri alsocontemplatingaFatQuarterQuiltformyproject

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13 comments on “Loopy’s Challenge – The Fabric Version

  1. I just purchased a serger and have been anxiously awaiting creating my first something (not sure what that something will be). This is just the kick in the pants I need!

  2. You’re killing me. Yarn and fabric my two downfalls. Like I don’t have enough to do already. Gonna have to go shopping now.. OMG..

  3. Krista – you can use more fabrics, as long as you’ve included the 8 in the Short Stack plus one additional as well.

    Brenda – you don’t have to design a pattern. Use any one you’d like!

  4. Sheri – Thanks for starting a fabric challenge. This will be so much fun! And we actually have to THINK about it! I’ve been in Block of the Month programs, but those have the pattern and fabric already chosen for you. This will be an entirely new avenue to express our creativity.

  5. You are a full service enabler. :-) I have my yarn and beads for the Loopy Challenge and have just ordered my stack +1fabric and actually know what I’m going to make with it for the fabric challenge.

  6. Well, I’m out for the fabric challenge. I do think it’s a great idea though for those who don’t want to do the yarn challenge!!!! It’s great to have options!!!

  7. I’M GOING TO PLAY!!! I have been knitting so many Christmas gifts I’m losing my knitting mojo. This is just what I need right now! Going to make the Clarabella Bag using one of the French General Josephine short stacks. I’m so excited — Thanks for adding a Fun Fabric Challenge to the mix!

  8. How fun! What a perfect excuse to buy more fabric, as I just love getting those little bundles of fabric from you (who can resist the red ribbon they’re tied with?). Thanks also for the links, now I know what I’ll do for this challenge (and maybe a way to use up some of the fabric that’s been jumping into the cart with all of my yarn just because). Just one request, Please wait a few weeks for the weaving challenge to be announced -:)