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More Projects in 2014

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, January 17th in Finished Projects

Biscotte & Cie The Loopy EweFirst project of 2014, complete!* I’ve always liked knitting socks. When we started The Loopy Ewe, we just had sock yarn! But as we grew our business and our yarn offerings here, I discovered other things that I liked to knit equally well. Things like shawls, scarves, cowls and mitts. (I’m still waiting for the love of sweater knitting to kick in.) Fortunately, many of those other things still use fingering weight yarn, so we continue to have a huge selection of it! But I was curious to see just how many socks I’ve knit lately (not many) and that turned into a tour of my blog and some tallying up of finished projects by year. I came up with this:

2013: 19 projects. Mittens (2 prs), Mitts (2 pr), Cowls (4), Hats (2), Scarves (3), Shawls (3), Baby Sweaters (2), Baby Afghan (1).  (*Sweater half-finished, but I will count that in the year I do finish it. 2014!)

2012: 25 projects, shawls prevailed. Mittens (1 pr), Cowls (2), Hats (1), Socks (3 prs), Scarves (3), Shawls (10), Woven Scarves (5).

2011: 21 projects, cowls prevailed. Mittens (2 prs), Cowls (7), Hats (1), Socks (1 pr), Scarves (4), Shawls (5), Afghan (1).

2010: 18 projects, shawls prevailed. Mitts (1 pr), Cowls (2), Socks (4 pr), Scarves (3), Shawls (5), Baby Sweater (1), Afghan (1), Sweater (1).

2009: 17 projects, socks prevailed. Mitts (5), Socks (6 prs), Scarves (1), Shawls (4), Afghan (1).

I didn’t go back any further than that. But it’s interesting to me that I ended up doing around the same number of projects each year, except 2012, which was a banner year! (Moved our home and shop in 2011, spent a lot of time working on adding in fabric and expanding the shop in 2013. I guess that’s the reason.)

I wonder what I will knit most in 2014? And how many projects I will get done? So far I have two complete and another pair of socks soon to be finished. What about you? What have you knit most in the past? And do you think that will change this year? How many projects do you typically get done? And are you happy with that?

Sheri lookingforwardtoaddingsewingprojectstomytotalsin2014,too

*Biscotte and Cie Felix self-striping yarn. We have another big order in with them, but in the meantime you can find many colors still in stock here, as well as String Theory Colorworks (which is the yarn I’m using for my current pair) and Dessert Vista Dyeworks Viso, both self-striping as well.

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