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Self-Striping Yarns

Photo: Sheri Berger

It’s always fun to knit with self-striping yarn. Socks look good in plain knits or easy ribbing, but there are also some patterns that showcase striping socks particularly well. I made these out of String Theory Colorworks Self-Striping yarn, using the Staccato Socks pattern by Veronik Avery. It’s similar to a Feather and Fan pattern (increases and decreases, which make the rows move), but you knit through the back loop to close up the holes. I like how they turned out. (We have a big order in the works with them, but we do have a few still left from the last batch.)


We’ve also made some Biscotte and Cie Socks (well, quite a few of those, actually!) with some easy striping patterns. Here are some that I did in January using the Harris Tweed pattern. It adds a little texture, while still keeping the stripes intact. We have lots of Biscotte & Cie choices in fingering weight. The second photo shows striping socks (again, Biscotte & Cie) done in a plain foot with a regular 3 x 2 ribbing on the cuff.

Biscotte & Cie The Loopy Ewe


Lynn made a sock with Desert Vista Dyeworks self-striping yarn that turned out beautifully. She did a plain foot and cuff, with just a bit of ribbing at the top to help it stay up.


Striping yarn is fun to use in hats, too. Here’s a baby hat that Loopy customer Christine did with Biscotte & Cie, using the Swirl Hat pattern. (That’s the same pattern I used for the Loopy Cakes Swirl Hat, shown here.)


And here’s a Sockhead Hat knit up in Biscotte & Cie fingering weight, which shows smaller stripes. Sockhead Hats are a lot of knitting around and around, but I think it shows off striping and multi-color yarns just beautifully.

Sockhead-hat-the-loopy-ewe   Sockhead2-hat-the-loopy-ewe

If you like heavier weight yarn, we have Biscotte & Cie in the worsted weight, and here’s a hat that I knit using the Waffle Hat pattern. This was a really quick knit.


It’s also fun to use self-striping yarn for mitts and cowls. We shared this Smokescreen pattern last fall with our Fall Giftables customers, which uses a fun stitch pattern for self-striping mitts and headband/ear warmer, which were done in Biscotte & Cie fingering weight as well.


Are you ready to make something with self-striping yarn? Pop over and pick some up and give it a try!

Sheri readytostartmoreself-stripingsocksformyself

Fabric Update: FreeSpirit, Moda and Riley Blake

Photo: Sheri Berger
Thursday, April 3rd in Quilt & Sew, Shop News

Just a reminder that all of our Yarn Updates will be on Mondays now, and all of our Fabric Updates will be on Thursdays. That way, you can pick what you’re interested in! (We know a lot of you are interested in both anyways, but thought this might be an easier way to roll things out, week to week.) Today, we added in:

Riley Blake’s Lazy Day collection - Full of owls, flowers, trees, hot air balloons and more in yellows, reds, teals, pinks and whites. For those of you who like project bags, this is a great line for that! Or sweet quilts, happy pillowcases, and cute little dresses. 10 different fabrics in the line (plus a Loopy Short Stack), a sampling shown below.


Moda’s Storybook collection – You’ll find pirates, planes, castles, clouds, blossoms, birds and hot air balloons in peaches, aquas, tans and whites. A soft look for baby rooms, doll blankets, and accessories for little princesses. 21 different fabrics (plus two different Loopy Short Stacks), a sampling shown below.



FreeSpirit’s Fox Field collection – If modern quilts and home decor are you thing, you’ll want to check out this line full of big, bold prints and colors! Great for spring pillows on the couch, eye-popping quilts on the wall, and gorgeous curtains on the windows. 27 different fabrics (plus 3 different Loopy Short Stacks), a sampling shown below.


Notions – Wonder Clips in two sizes, and Microfiber Fuzzy Stick Dusters (which are used to nab the dust and fuzzies from your sewing machine and surroundings, but I got one to stick in my car. The handle stretches out so you can reach the far edges of your dashboard. Not that your car is dusty. But mine might have been….)

Did you catch the Monday Update this week? We added in all bases and colors from Swans Island (organic wools and natural dyes, with great yardage), Loopy Cakes (re-stocked in Chocolate & Roses, added new in Majestic), and new prints from Atenti in the Overnighter bags!

Have fun checking out the new fabrics and let us know what we can package up and send to your home!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. Thanks for the knitting photos you’ve been sending, and the great “Why I Knit” comments on yesterday’s blog. Keep them coming!

Who Knits and Why? And a CONTEST!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, April 2nd in Contest, Shop News

Collage-wall-The-Loopy-EweI have an idea for this blank wall in our shop. I had this idea for our St. Louis shop, but there was never a really good wall to use. Wall space is valuable in a shop! However, this one needs to stay shelf-free because otherwise the aisle gets too narrow. We could hang a quilt there, but I have a better idea. I’d like to do an inspirational collage with photos and text. That’s where you come in!

As I was going through Pinterest today during lunch, I realized that there are a lot of old pictures of knitters out there. I don’t mean elderly knitters. I mean the photos were taken a long time ago. Where are the current photos of people knitting and having fun? Young, old, male, female, groups and singles? To look at the photos, you’d think this was an art that dyed out more than 50 years ago. See what I mean?







So what I’d like to do with this wall is to feature pictures of knitters (knitting alone or in knitting groups), and include quotes from people about why they knit. Would you like to be on our wall, inspiring others? I’d love for you to send us photos of you and/or your friends knitting. (send them to: jberger@theloopyewe.com) Include a note that tells us where you are from, if you’d like us to add that to the photo. We’d like to show that knitting is fun for everyone, and still alive and well in the world! I’d also love to know why you knit. Why is it important to you? What does it do for you? Is it something you’ll do forever, or until a new hobby comes up? Do you come from a long line of knitters, or are you the first in your family? Leave a comment below and let us know. We’ll print out some of your comments to include with the photos on the wall.

As a thank you for your help with this project, we’ll be drawing some winners from the participants! We’ll draw a name from the comments below (answering the question, “Why do you knit?”) for a $25 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate. If you email us a photo, we’ll enter you into an additional contest, where you could win a special package from us. If you send us a photo of your whole knitting group and you win, we’ll mail you a box with a gift for everyone in the photo!

Of course I’ll share a photo of the wall when we’re done. I hope your picture or comment will be up there!

Sheri whomighthavetoaddtheJackBauerphototothewallaswell

No Fooling – Fabric Sale!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Tuesday, April 1st in Shop News

Happy April Fools’ Day! To celebrate (no foolin’), we are having a sale on all fabric cuts 1 yard or greater until midnight tonight. After your order comes through, we’ll apply a 15% discount on any fabric where you have ordered at least a full yard or more. (So – two half yards from two different fabrics, won’t get the discount. Pre-cuts and Short Stacks won’t get the discount. But any fabric with 1 or more yards of it ordered, will get the discount!)

We have over 2000 bolts of fabric to choose from, from moderns to whimsicals to primitives to batiks, and everything in between. Pop over and pick out some fun ones to add to your stash, or start a new project! That’s a better way to spend April Fools’ Day than playing jokes, right? I’ll leave you with some photos of recent additions….

Sheri lookingforwardtoseeingwhatyoupick! 





















(Top to bottom: Moda Bee My Honey, Cloud 9 Grey Abbey, Moda Beary Happy, Moda Bloomin’ Fresh, Adornit Nested Owls, Moda Mirabelle, Moda Hubba Hubba, Moda April Showers, Cloud 9 Picture Pie, Riley Blake Treasure Map, Moda Barthol-meow’s Reef, Timeless Treasures Sketch, Timeless Treasures Tonga Batiks, Birch Ipanema, Timeless Treasures Willow, Andover Amelia, Adornit Sunshine & Shadows, Riley Blake Honeycomb Dots, Moda Hope Chest, and Moda Hope Chest Batiks.)

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