Scojo Eyewear Accessory Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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Accessory Microfiber Cleaning Cloth in Scojo Eyewear from Scojo Eyewear
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This Eye Opener Microfiber Cleaning Cloth by Scojo Vision is useful and convenient. The cloth measures 6" x 7.25" and is folded in its own vinyl case with a velcro enclosure. The high density micro-fiber construction removes all dirt and oily smudges. Keep this cloth handy to clean your glasses, DVDs, laptops, phone screens and PDAs.

Cloth can be machine or hand washed with mild soap and it continues to clean after repeated washings.

Please note, colors vary; our current stock has a variety of colors and patterns. We'll pick a good color for you!

We currently have 10 in stock and available — we first started selling this in September 2012.
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