Lavishea Plumeria

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Plumeria in Lavishea from Lavishea
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Lavishea Lotion Bars are an innovative new way to moisturize and heal dry skin and are made with unrefined fair trade shea butter and 100% natural soy.

Though it looks like soap, no water is necessary. Simply rub the bar on your skin, and the heat of your body will melt the lotion onto your skin where it is quickly absorbed.

The bar is perfect for traveling and will even pass through security if packed in your airport carry-on luggage. High temperatures can melt the bars, however, so keeping them out of direct sun or extreme temperatures is advised.

Plumeria is one of the most iconic tropical scents. Carried by gentle island breezes, its fragrance is sweet and fresh. It is truly an unforgettable flower.

The bars are approx. 1.25 oz, 2.25" wide.

We currently have 10 in stock and available — we first started selling this in August 2012.
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