The Loopy Ewe The Loopy Ewe Totes Loopy Project Keeper

Sorry, this is not currently available.
Previously $12.25 each.

Loopy Project Keeper in The Loopy Ewe Totes from The Loopy Ewe
Legend: Physical Scale

This is the perfect pack for any work in progress. 10x13 size means that you can put patterns and books in there, along with your yarn, needles and accessories. I have one of these for every project I have ongoing, and then I put the whole thing in my regular knitting bag. (I finally gave up on zip-top plastic bags. Too many holes poked in it from my needles and scissors. These are a much better replacement.)

Zipper top. Helps keep you organized and able to see at a glance what you have "in-progress".

(Contents shown for scale and not included in the price.)

We do not currently have this available — we first started selling this in November 2006.
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