Through the Loops Achillea Socks

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Achillea Socks in Through the Loops from Through the Loops
Legend: Physical Scale

Kirsten's friend saw this pattern and said "It kind of reminds me of a yarrow stalk with all it's leaves." This awoke the gardener in Kirsten. The botanical name for yarrow is "Achillea". It is named for Achilles of Greek myth; magnificent warrior, hero of Troy. I'm sure you've all heard the story, his only vulnerability was his heel, and this eventually led to his demise. I thought this would be the perfect name for a sock. And so, Achillea it is, the flower or the hero, your choice.

Yarn: Fingering weight yarn, approx. 440 yds.

Finished Measurement: 7.5" (8.5") circumference at leg and foot.

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