Sajou Veined Ivory Scissors

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Veined Ivory Scissors in Sajou from Sajou
Legend: Physical Scale

The Charles X era is famous for the spohistication and quality of its objects. As far as sewing kits and scissors making, the years 1820 – 1830 saw the production in France of veritable marvels. These scissors are inspired by the Charles X style: the handles have a (faux) veined ivory effect and feature the Sajou S" in the design. The finger rings are beautifully decorated with a festoon detail. The French name for these is Ciseaux Facon Ivoire veine'.

The finished article is a very light pair of scissors that are a delight to use. Quality scissors can be recognized by, among other things, their pairing marks showing that they have been perfectly adjusted from the start of their fabrication. These scissors, including the pompom, are made entirely in France. It should be pointed out that it takes a dozen qualified people to make each pair.

Size: 4.5"

While supplies last, we will include a free linen case for your scissors.

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