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Malabrigo Book One


This book by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton includes patterns for:

Carmelo (Cropped Jacket) Francia (Ribbed Knot Pullover) Arapey (Lace Shawl) Tranqueras (Lace-edged Pullover) Carmen (Wide Pullover) Curtina (Eyelet Rib Pullover) Laureles (Chunky Hat & Scarf) Melo (Dress) Ansina (Hat & Scarf) Lascano (Men's Cabled Pullover) Artigas (Vest with 3 Buttons) Vergara (Vest with 1 Button) Salto (Collar) Yaguan (Tunic) Durazno (Child's Pullover) Mercedes (Cap & Mitten) Rocha (Hole Pullover)