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  • Scissors - Roly Poly

    Kelmscott Designs

    Scissors - Roly Poly


    These unique, elegant scissors measure 3.5". Their sharp point makes them ideal for snipping yarns and threads and their petite size makes them handy for slipping into your project bags. Made of metal with a matte black finish.

  • Scissors - Spooks & Spells Lace

    Kelmscott Designs

    Scissors - Spooks & Spells Lace


    These orange and black scissors will add a bit of Halloween flair to your project bag! With rectangular handles that look like they've been edged with lace, these scissors measure 2.75" and feature nice, sharp blades.

  • Super Snip Scissors in Green, Yellow, and Pink

    Super Snip Scissors


    These miniature-sized scissors are cute, safe, and perfect for tucking into a project bag. Each pair has a protective sheath attached. They come in pink, green, and yellow; we'll choose a fun color for you!

  • Westcott Titanium Bonded 4" Scissors


    Westcott Titanium Bonded 4" Scissors


    Westcott's titanium bonded blades are three times harder than stainless steel blades, making them sharper and more durable. The soft, contoured grips make them comfortable to use and their small size makes them perfectly portable!