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Wollmeise has developed their own special wool detergent, in order to be sure that only high quality, health-conscious and ecologically friendly ingredients (which take care of the wool) were used. The Wollmeise wash is perfect for your completed masterpieces, as well as for use in the washing machine for delicate fabrics.

Available in two variations - the Regular Wollmeise scent which you may have smelled on your Wollmeise yarn, and Unscented.

  • 250 ml. (approx. 8.45 oz) - does about 16 hand washes
  • 425 ml. (approx. 14.37 oz) - does about 28 hand washes
  • 900 ml. (approx. 30.43 oz) - does about 60 hand washes (available for in-store purchase only, due to size and shipping restrictions)

Suitable for washing temperatures from 20-40 degrees celsius (60 degrees to 104 degrees fahrenheit).

Wash, rinse, and enjoy!